Laura Hatcher

Architect of Ideas

Laura is known for how much she leans in… all the way in.

Always trying to make strategies like no other and pushing her clients to excellence.

An idea creating machine if fueled efficiently by (proper) English breakfast tea (with the right amount of milk). A fiery redhead determined to make a difference in the world both creatively and environmentally (ditch the straw). We love watching her achieve bigger goals as she overcomes higher fences in equestrian show jumping in her spare time.


Ghazi Urfali


Ghazi (aka G) has probably been through as many hobbies as you have thought of, so far sailing, gaming, and triathlon have stuck. G provides leadership (OCD quality) and strategy to all Sprout Digital Media accounts. He wanted to create a place to work - and sometimes play - and change the standard in the UAE. G always encourages everyone to be involved and bring their ideas to the table pushing the Sprout team, and their clients to their full potential.


Yasmeen Dahbour


Yasmeen is the girl you can’t get out of your head, she wins you over with her infectious laugh and sharp thinking. Known for her fun (yet no-nonsense) approach, this girl gets it done. When not at Sprout you can find her on the beach- getting that tan. Although she is a happy and bubbly person, nothing makes her happier than a ridiculously scary horror film.  We aren’t sure how we ended up with such a strong, funny chick but we are glad she hasn't gotten away yet.


Pedja Milicevic

Sir Create-A-lot 

Peda (Ped-ja) hopped on a plane escaping from the somewhat freezing Bosnian weather to Abu Dhabi for a little adventure (and sun) in his life and has since been hopping on multiple flights to travel the world. A lover of fashion and hip-hop especially Kanye West - a weekly debate at Sprout. A gamer by night and a graphic designer by passion, he's always tossing in a large amount of creativity. Wonky lines, wrong colors and bad "photo-chops" don't stand a chance with P as he has the eyes of a hawk and is always laser-ed in on the finer detail.